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Help & Info about Scanner for windows

  • 1. What is Scanner?

    Scanner is essentially a software application that shows the disk space usage on your computer’s drive or directory in the form of a pie chart. The built-in directory tree helps navigate the chart. The pie chart’s different sections reveal unique information. For example, the outer segments stand for deeper directory levels.
  • 2. Is the program free?

    Yes, Scanner is free to download and use. The application works on almost all versions of Windows, which includes systems as old as Windows 95. Moreover, Scanner works on iPhones as well. The program is fairly easy to download and install.
  • 3. Who is Scanner for?

    Scanner has been specifically designed for people who have a lot of files and folders on their computer and are considering getting rid of the majority of them. Scanner gets the job done quickly and effectively. Moreover, the tool helps you assess your personal storage space (digital) requirements.
  • 4. How is the interface?

    The tool is clean, small and extremely snappy. However, the interface isn’t standard or unlike the ones that most people have come to use and learnt using. Though this uniqueness makes the tool stand out, it would have been better if the interface was a lot more user-friendly. Probably, packing in some more features may have helped.
  • 5. How is interacting with the visual representation like?

    The visual representation is certainly engaging and intuitive. Interpreting a pie chart could be difficult in the beginning, but the learning curve is minimal. To learn about certain sections of the chart, hovering the mouse cursor over them shall show detailed information.
  • 6. Can the program window be resized?

    Upon launching the program, you would see a small window popping up with the pie chart. It is unlike any regular Windows application’s interface. For instance, you cannot click and drag the borders of the window to resize it. For resizing, you would have to use the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ icons besides the buttons for selecting the drive.
  • 7. Is there a file explorer built-in?

    No, there is no file explorer built in. However, right-clicking on a graphic element would pop up a menu, which includes the choice to open the explorer in Windows. The menu also comprises options to delete items, and also zoom in or hide the tree’s items.
  • 8. How portable is this program?

    Scanner is a standalone application with a small, single executable file. This makes it extremely portable. The program and the contextual menu of Windows Explorer could be integrated by running a setup file, which comes with the tool. However, the REG file must be altered before running it. Such manual modifying is not for regular users, by the way.
  • 9. How popular is the tool?

    Scanner was made available to the public in 2003 and it has seen close to 450,000 downloads since then. The fairly lightweight software that doesn’t take up much space on a computer is quite popular in certain Asian countries such as India and Indonesia.
  • 10. Is there any instruction manual?

    The tool comes bundled in with a text-based help file that shall assist if you want to know more about the program, how to use it, etc. The file would also throw light on some of the limitations of the tool and the known bugs.


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